Aussies are not hairy enough, not rude e…

Aussies are not hairy enough, not rude enough, not angry enough and are lacking in the mass anal bunting stakes?

“So to Dirk Wellham, state captain, Test centurion (and moustache sporter), turned schoolteacher and thinker. Writing of Allan Border’s captaincy technique a few years ago, Wellham described the central place the word “fucking” played in forging a formidable Aussie team, observing: “[The] reliance on strong, decisive, male, independent players is symbolic of ‘fucking’, and the absence of collective psychology. Paradoxically, fucking can also be a group, sharing arrangement, of mateship.”

To be honest, I am not quite sure what Dirk is driving at here, but it seems to me his advice to Ponting would be: use more expletives and cut out the occasional net practice in favour of an orgy. Over to you, Punter.”