So what is it with Sri Lankans and rice?…

So what is it with Sri Lankans and rice? Was out on my own last Sunday and decided to grab a sandwich instead of rice. Back home, my mother asks me what I had for lunch and I tell her and she goes all “Oh you poor dear! At least have some rice for dinner then!” on me. No, thank you very much. I quite dislike rice, actually.

Further annoying are Sri Lankans who travel half-way around the world, land, and from the very first day go looking for rice. People who are unwilling to sample the cuisine of the country they’re visiting should not be visiting in the first place. They should stay back home, where rice is aplenty.

Even further annoying are those who travel regardless, sit down to the best cuisine the host country has to offer and then produce a jar of katta sambol from a handbag (it’s always a handbag) and then proceed to offer it to everybody at the table, with an all-knowing “Oh go right ahead dear, put some on that. Otherwise you’ll never be able to eat this bland food.”

Just drop dead already, will you?